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BY ALEX. PRINGLE, M.A., B.Sc. Published: Edinburgh, Oliver and Boyd, 1933.
The Records of the Pringles or Hoppringills of the Scottish Border.  (PDF Download)
The Pringles of Fountainhall and Soutra - Also by Alex Pringle. Originally published in ‘The Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland’ (SocAntScot.org)].

The Research Notes of James Bruce Pringle (brother of Sir Murray Pringle).

Because Alex Pringle was in his nineties and nearly blind when he wrote his book ‘The Records of the Pringles’ in 1933, he made many mistakes, even thought it was a great achievement. So please make use of the new research by James Bruce Pringle, as it corrects many of the mistakes.  


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  1. That ilk or Torsonce (including Rowchester and a note on errors relating to Pringle history)
  2. Buckholm (including Williamlaw and the Stewart and Pringill Feud)
  3. Cortleferry
  4. Coldstream Abbey
  5. Lees (including Coldstream)
  6. Gala Water - left bank and right bank of the Gala (including Hoppringill, Burnhouse, Kittyflat, Longmuir, Pirncado, Mitchelston, Muirhouse and Pirn, Torquhan, Little Catpair, Craigend, Stow Town, Stow Parish, The Bow. Heriotmill, Halltree, Parish of Heriot, Symington, Pirntaiton, Overshiels and Nethershiels, Watherston, Ferniehirst, Dryburn, Bowland)
  7. Smailholm
  8. Wrangholm, Smailholm town & The old bridge at Bridgend, Melrose
  9. East Teviotdale (including Hounam, The Tofts, The Bents in Clifton, Howden in the Parish of Maxwell, The Tanlaw)
  10. Westhousebyre, Melrose
  11. Fernacres, Northumberland
  12. Kelso and district (including Sharpitlaw and Nenthorn)
  13. Clifton (including Haining, Alemoor, Crichton, Fairnilee and Morebattle Parish)
  14. Craigleith or Newhall
  15. Stitchill (including Rowiston)
  16. Greenknowe
  17. Torwoodlee (including Bowland)
  18. Whytbank and Yair (including Balmungo, Fife)0 AlexPringle2
  19. Trinlyknowe (including Chapelhill)
  20. Peebles (including Milkiston)
  21. Blindlee, Galashiels (including Westhouses)
  22. Lauderdale (including Channelkirk, Pilmuir, Lauder, Muircleugh, Saint John’s Chapel, Earlston, Blainslie)
  23. East Berwickshire (including Slegden, Wedderburn and Billie)
  24. Lothians (including Haddington, Dunbar and Carriber in West Lothian)
  25. Edinburgh Burgesses
  26. Pencaitland (including Milton, Woodhead or Fountainhall, Soutra, Templehall and Ballincrieff Mains and Borgue)
  27. Fife and Elgin
  28. The law
  29. The army
  30. The navy
  31. The church
  32. East Indies
  33. France
  34. England
  35. Ireland
  36. U. S. A.
  37. Canada & Argentina



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